Mois : avril 2018

Oromocto Diamond

Pentagon Black Compilation No. 4 Postcard

This is PENTAGON BLACK COMPILATION No. 4, and it was recorded live and in the rough with telephones by misc. Canadian musicians in March of 2018. Cover art by Lisa Czech ( Released by PB of Montreal as a 19-song « phone compilation » digital download coupled with a 6×6″ postcard.

For 2$ and a stamp you get a new exclusive OROMOCTO DIAMOND track called CORBIGNY. Get it on bandcamp or in the new yellow P572 site.

Along with original tracks by Steph Yates (Guelph), BBQT (Montréal), Don’t Bother (Toronto), Usse (Saint John), the Orange Kyte (Vancouver), No Pussyfooting (Peterborough), Bonnie Trash (Guelph), Fashionism (Vancouver), Property// (Montreal), Smokey & the Feelings (Edmonton), Kiddo (Mississauga), Bonnie Doon (Ottawa), Special Costello (Halifax), Outtacontroller (Halifax), Back Teeth (Hamilton), Klarka Weinwurm (Sackville), Spationauts (Regina), Skin Tone (Montreal).



Altin Gün – On
Astaffort Mods – AK 47
Basa Basa – Homowo
Body/Head – The Switch
Daron Malakian – Dictator
Drame – Drame 2
Tim Hecker – Konoyo
Hollywood Burns – Invaders
Hoshi – Il Suffit D’y Croire
Hot Snakes – Jericho Sirens
Jérôme50 – La hierarchill
JJUUJJUU – Zionic Mud
Lydia Képinski – Premier juin
LORN – Remnant
Koriass – La nuit des longs couteaux
Paco Sala – It’s Been A Long Time Since I Cared & It Feels Good
Saori Kobayashi – Ressurection : Panzer Dragoon Saga
Seth A Smith – The Crescent
Sonido Gallo Negro – Mambo Cósmico
thisquietarmy – Isbryter
Tildaflipers – Muau Muau
Turnstile – Time & Space