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Oromocto Diamond – Le Choc du Futur

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P572 CD 36
Été 2009

UGS : P572 CD 36 Catégorie : Étiquette :


»Manic Quebec City musical instigator Sam Murdock unleashes another militant punk band into the world, this time teaming up with electronic artist/drummer Pascal Asselin of Millimetrik to form Oromocto Diamond and shake the complacency out of everyone in their path. Lyrically, songs like « Black Feelings » and « Maps » serve as anthemic calls to arms, thanks in particular to the jarring vocal tandem of Murdock and keyboardist Jane Ehrhardt, who insistently bellow most of their well-articulated vocals. Although the band’s sound possesses an urgent rhythmic dynamic, thanks to the bass and drums configuration of Murdock and Asselin, Ehrhardt’s keyboards infuse every song with a space-y prog rock sheen, which is much more pronounced on half-time songs like « First Wave, Second Wave, Third Wave. » In this sense, Le Choc du Futur is somewhat top-heavy, energy-wise. Oromocto Diamond burst out of the gate before taking a breather and steamrolling listeners to conclude an interesting debut. » EXCLAIM!, Vish Khanna