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Sweat Like An Ape! – Spells That Rhyme (LP)


Meilleur disque de l’année 2019. Le troisième album de Sweat Like An Ape! est une parution Platinum Records. P572 fait la distribution pour l’Amérique du Nord de quelques copies. DARK BONGO

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Not a P572 release. But my favourite record of 2019 and they are Oromocto Diamond Europe touring friends. It’s released on Platinum in Bordeaux, France. We have a couple of copies for North America.

Sweat Like An Ape ! hails from Bordeaux, France. Their music evolves in that special place where the urgency of punk and the sparkle of pop and dance music cross paths. Although certain new-wave and post-punk influences are unquestionable, these four boys like to mingle with all kinds of groove, be it that of the nigerian king Sir Victor Uwaifo, or the funk-punk of James Chance.