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Thisquietarmy X Away — The Singularity, Phase I . REVIEWS

“Sometimes albums drop in December without making a sound, as the world is busy with other things. But The Singularity, Phase I is so loud and so powerful that it’s bound to make an impact, like the crater left by a rampaging kaiju. Left to one’s own imagination, with nothing but “Alpha” and “Beta” sides, the listener is free to imagine the monster on the cover ravaging his or her own city.” – A Closer Listen (Richard Allen)

“The Singularity, Phase I_ blends the immersive rhythms of Langevin superimposed on the myriad techniques of guitar master Quach, crossing musical genres to create a hypnotic and thrilling tribal experience. The expert ear of Quach, the practiced hands of Langevin and the combined musical knowledge of the duo bring to life a fruitful mind-bending soundscape of heavy motorik rhythms, prolonged drones, futuristic sound effects and frenetic improvised jams.” – Brainwashed (Eve McGivern)

“It’s amazing to see these two musicians—who are inhabiting quite different parts of the extreme music spectrum—collaborating so successfully to create something that sounds mutual, shared and representative of both their musical legacy. Besides the beautiful way the music on this record has been crafted, probably as a result of live recording sessions, it’s also perfectly captured and produced. It sounds solid, but sufficiently wild and raw to convey the energy poured in both musicians respective performances.” – DIY Conspiracy (Angel S.)

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