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Darren Hayman – Songs for Harmonium and Drum Machine


UGS : P572 LP 30 Catégorie : Étiquette :


Songs for Harmonium and Drum Machine is a four track vinyl 7 inch EP released on P572 records.
Limited to 600 copies. 300 Black / 300 white.

 »Sam Murdock runs P572 records in Quebec City, Canada. I’d known his name because when he bought Hefner records by mail order he always bought two copies. He asked me to do a record for him and I said yes, mainly because he wanted to do it on vinyl. I’ll do a record for pretty much anyone if they want to do it on vinyl. Sam wanted something conceptual, a bit like the holiday EPs. Baring that in mind I wrote 4 songs about some of the actors that form the 1980s brat pack. Conceptual enough? » Darren Hayman.

More information from Darren via the Way Back Machine : HERE

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