P572 Printemps 2022 (Fanzine)


INFO: 24 pages fanzine

Pour 1 $ et le prix d’un timbre et d’une enveloppe, vous recevez un fanzine et une carte postale, ainsi qu’une note de motivation personnelle! Aussi disponible avec toute commande de disque via le shop P572.

For 1$ and the price of a stamp and an envelope you get a P572 fanzine and a postcard and a personal motivation note for the end of times! Also available with any order via the P572 web shop.

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Nouvelle saison. Nouvelle table tournante. C’est le temps d’écouter des disques. Comme le dernier de Sol Hess and the Boom Boom Doom Revue que nous avons reçu en janvier. Sinon The Singularity, Phase II de Thisquietamy x Away a reçu des critiques hallucinantes et était le meilleur album Sci-fi-drone-metal de 2021. Il reste aussi quelques copies des trois albums des Goules pour accompagner votre nouveau t-shirt XX. Il faut prendre des marches et aller chez les disquaires indépendants pour parler de musique et de vinyles. Enchanté enchanté. . .

SPRING 2022 :
It’s a new season and we’ve just printed a new t-shirt for the 20th anniversary of the self-titled red album by Les Goules. It’s impossible to fully understand the importance of that band if you don’t speak French. From the opening riff of their first song they became a cult. It’s something small to celebrate their punk, rebellious and haunting legacy. We received the Sol Hess and the Boom Boom Doom Revue vinyls in January. It’s a beautiful collection of songs. There are ten copies left in North America. It was great to see The Singularity, Phase II by Thisquietamy x Away on a lot of 2021 year-end Lists. It was to be expected because it’s the best sci-fi-drone-metal recording of all time. The cold winter full of snowstorms is over. We can take long walks in the hot weather once again. With endless new music, books and games to keep us entertained, it’s fun to fly around the sun.