Thisquietarmy x Away — The Singularity, Phase II (LP)


RELEASE DATE : 20 juin 2021

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-500 copies on neon pink
-Heavyweight silver 24pt flip side jacket
-Printed inner sleeve
-Away glow-in-the-dark patch
-TQA space holographic sticker

A – Vinyl
B – Vinyl + t-shirt 

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The Singularity, Phase II by Thisquietarmy x Away

Thisquietarmy X Away : The singularity, Phase II

This is the sequel to the critically acclaimed sci-fi-drone-metal album The Singularity, Phase I. The second act of a timeless space odyssey. From the opening drone of Gamma to the ending epic drum solo of Delta, Phase II is heavier and more enigmatic than the first record. The kaiju’s story continues as Eric Quach and Michel “Away” Langevin of Voïvod explore the doom-groove further and beyond, sounding like a duo from another planet. 500 copies pressed on neon pink vinyl. Heavyweight 24pt silver flip side jacket with printed inner sleeve. Comes with a unique Away art glow-in-the-dark patch and a holographic space sticker.

P572 présente la suite de l’album drone-metal-science-fiction acclamé par la critique The Singularity, Phase I. Le deuxième acte d’une odyssée spatiale intemporelle. De l’ouverture drone de Gamma au solo de batterie épique de la fin de Delta, Phase II est plus lourd et plus énigmatique que le premier disque. L’histoire continue alors que Eric Quach et Michel “Away” Langevin de Voïvod explorent le doom-groove encore plus loin, sonnant comme un duo d’une autre planète. 500 exemplaires vinyles rose néon. La pochette est sur carton argent 24pts et le sleeve intérieur est imprimé. Le tout inclus une patch «glow-in-the-dark» de Away et un autocollant holographique.

Eric Quach (Guitar, Synth, Fx) / Michel Langevin (Drums)
Recorded at Méduse Audio by Marc-Olivier Germain, February 2019
Overdubbed & mixed at TQA.HQ by Eric Quach throughout 2019×20
Mastered by Méduse Audio by Marc-Olivier Germain, June 2020
Artwork + photography by eric quach + michel langevin
Layout by sam murdock & gab pelletier


“The first “Delta” track is nearly 16 minutes long, a behemoth in its own right.  We do, however, agree with the recommendation to play the album as a whole, and to play it loud.  This way the full scope of the wreckage can be observed.  Reversing the trajectory of the prior piece, the tempo slows, not quite to sludge, but close, before making a slight recovery, moving portentously through Quach’s orchestral chords.  The tempo is restored in “Delta 0000 1001,” the level of excitement raised one last time.  Eight minutes now seems like nothing.  The difference is the danceability, implying the end of films in which kaiju put aside their differences (i.e. Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan) to fight a common enemy, then celebrate with stomps, flaps and roars.  The final flurry of drums suggests the victory of new alliances.  It’s unclear where humans stand in all this (if not all buried under rubble), but that’s not important right now.  Kaiju forever!  Bring on Phase III!” – A Closer Listen (Richard Allen)

“While this record is pretty basic in execution, it’s the larger overall vision that makes it transcendent. The layers of sound interlock in fresh and delightful ways. The quiet poetry of these songs makes them infinitely addictive. These instrumental synth and drum wanderings are not necessarily multi layered prog bangers, but rather triumphant and introspective odes that leave listeners looking deeper, curious to see where we go next. Unpacking these layers and really letting yourself revel in the vision is what makes it all so appealing.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews (Matt Bacon)


A1   Gamma 0000 0110  
A2   Gamma 0000 0111  
B1   Delta 0000 1000  
B2   Delta 0000 1001