Oromocto Diamond

Oromocto Diamond – Pentagon Black Compilation #3


Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3, was recorded live and in the rough with telephones by various Canadian music acts in May of 2017. Cover art by Lisa Czech (lisaczechofficial.com). Released by Pentagon Black of Montreal as a 16-song « phone compilation » digital download coupled with a 6×6″ postcard.

Also on the compilation: original tracks by Couleur Dessin (Montreal), Motherhood (Fredericton), Lonely Parade (Peterborough), Usse (Saint John), Century Palm (Toronto), Nüshu (Montreal), LAPS (Montreal), Deathsticks (Ottawa), Oromocto Diamond (Québec), garbageface (Peterborough), Smokey & Cole Kush (Edmonton), Beef Boys (Peterborough), Microdot (Winnipeg), Protruders (Toronto), and PRIORS (Montreal).

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