Thisquietarmy x Away – Le Devoir interview

En pause forcée depuis plusieurs mois, le duo composé de Michel « Away » Langevin, batteur émérite du groupe Voivod, et d’Éric Quach, alias Thisquietarmy, pilier de la scène expérimentale montréalaise, trépigne à l’idée de retrouver le public samedi prochain pour la 37e édition du Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville, dans le cadre d’un programme double complété par le duo chiptune féminin Tamayugé. Au programme ? Aucune idée. Seule certitude, les deux musiciens écartent l’idée de reproduire le matériel de leur excellent album The Singularity, Phase I : « Ce sera vraiment une impro durant laquelle on réagit à ce que l’autre fait, en temps réel, résume Éric. Ça mène toujours quelque part… jusqu’à ce qu’on arrive au bout ! » ARTICLE ICI

Thisquietarmy x Away — The Singularity, Phase I . REVIEWS

“ With two equally adventurous musicians at the helm, it’s no surprise that the five tracks on this release stretch out and veer off to encompass a variety of sounds, from expansive, synth-tinged soundscapes to colossal post-rock, with a mesmerising, droning core that’s punctuated by Away’s commanding and hypnotic rhythms. A sense of darkness permeates throughout, a feeling of unease that something disturbing lurks around every corner: the sinister slow build of Beta 0000 0100 could visualise the decay of a dystopian city, while Alpha 0000 0001’s rumbling percussion ascends with gripping tension. The whole album is a masterful execution in tension and release, which gives resolution and a sense of hope in the darkness. Best enjoyed at high volume on headphones in a dark room for maximum immersion.” – Prog Mag Issue 116 – Pink Floyd Animal (HMK)

“ Improvisation has always been part of Voivod’s creative process, so it’s no surprise that their drummer, Michel ‘Away’ Langevin, has taken so readily to these extemporised workouts with fellow countryman, Eric Quach, aka Thisquietarmy. Rarely has the drone-sculpting guitarist kept pace with such a singular and determined presence as Voivod’s tub-thumper. Quickly establishing a tribal mode, Away forcefully drives proceedings with ritualistic batteries of tom-bruising pummel, suddenly shifting tempos across Quach’s lancing electronic shards and ominous tonal wash. The overriding throwbacks to 1970s ‘kosmische’ rock occasionally cede to passages of sedentary introspection, where Quach’s delay-drenched strings ripple like the sun-flecked waters of Pink Floyd’s endless rivers, awaiting the inevitable rumble of Away’s latest limber outbreak.” – 7/10 Metal Hammer Issue 344 (Spencer Grady)

“Sometimes albums drop in December without making a sound, as the world is busy with other things. But The Singularity, Phase I is so loud and so powerful that it’s bound to make an impact, like the crater left by a rampaging kaiju. Left to one’s own imagination, with nothing but “Alpha” and “Beta” sides, the listener is free to imagine the monster on the cover ravaging his or her own city.” – A Closer Listen (Richard Allen)

“The Singularity, Phase I_ blends the immersive rhythms of Langevin superimposed on the myriad techniques of guitar master Quach, crossing musical genres to create a hypnotic and thrilling tribal experience. The expert ear of Quach, the practiced hands of Langevin and the combined musical knowledge of the duo bring to life a fruitful mind-bending soundscape of heavy motorik rhythms, prolonged drones, futuristic sound effects and frenetic improvised jams.” – Brainwashed (Eve McGivern)

“It’s amazing to see these two musicians—who are inhabiting quite different parts of the extreme music spectrum—collaborating so successfully to create something that sounds mutual, shared and representative of both their musical legacy. Besides the beautiful way the music on this record has been crafted, probably as a result of live recording sessions, it’s also perfectly captured and produced. It sounds solid, but sufficiently wild and raw to convey the energy poured in both musicians respective performances.” – DIY Conspiracy (Angel S.)

“This album has everything but vocals. Hawkwind style space rock? Oh yeah, Away hits that kit like a 70’s rock god when he needs to whilst a throbbing bassline heads for Alpha Centuri. There are sections that twist and mope like Joy Division slapping Killing Joke with blood-soaked rags and at other times achingly sad echoes that reach out to any passing molecule for some recognition. There are even parts that are bordering on full on electronica with hints of the Balearics and shoegaze whilst Away drops some beats reminiscent of the loose-limbed greats Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.” 7.5/10 – Ave Noctum (Matt Mason)

“De chemie die tussen de twee Canadezen ontstaat, zorgt voor creatieve en krachtige uitbarstingen van zalige sonische droomlandschappen en krauwend metaal die beelden van een imaginaire toekomst oproepen.” – Luminous Dash Muziek Zine (Patsker Omaer Beguin)

“Het spannende aan de plaat is dat Quach en Away met gelijke wapens willen strijden. Ook tijdens drieëntwintig minuten Beta wil de gitaar of de drumkit op geen enkel moment de bovenhand krijgen, maar gaan ze samen op zoek naar tegelijk een zo breed en zo diep mogelijke sound. Een beetje het muzikale evenbeeld van de plaats waar twee oceaan majestueus, maar ongemerkt in elkaar vloeien.” – Da Music (Christophe Demunter)

“Il risultato, presentato come sci-fi drone metal, si impone grazie alla sovrapposizione tra i paesaggi dilatati e ricchi di atmosfera di Thisquietarmy e le dinamiche pulsioni ritmiche di Away, quest’ultimo sempre in primo piano e fondamentale per dare la giusta spinta ai panorami spaziali disegnati dai due. È, infatti, proprio dal rincorrersi e stimolarsi a vicenda dei differenti mondi sonori che nasce un linguaggio di difficile catalogazione, posto a metà strada tra i rispettivi percorsi.” – The New Noise (Michele Giorgi) Italie

“C’est quand même impressionnant de voir deux grands noms de la scène expérimentale métal montréalaise collaborer. D’un côté, Eric Quach qui fait de l’expérimentation drone à partir de guitare et qui a collaboré avec GY!BE et de l’autre, le légendaire Michel « Away » Langevin de Voivod. Honnêtement, c’est un peu comme un match des étoiles de la musique expérimentale d’inspiration métal.” – Le Canal Auditif Québec

“thisquietarmy und Away sind beide keine Spieler, die sich um die kleinsten Details kümmern wollen – „The Singularity, Phase I“ klingt deswegen genauso roh, wie es erdacht und aufgenommen wurde. Wenig Dynamik, etwas flacher Bass, dafür keine Overdubs oder nachträglich verschönerte Ausbrüche. Hier wütet man gemeinsam mit dem Monstrum in der Stadt, hier brennen die Tonspuren. Am Ende hebt bei „Beta 0000 0101“ das Raumschiff ab und zeigt, dass die nachfolgenden Phasen bestimmt Überraschungen in sich tragen werden.” – Artnoir Musik Magazin (Michael Bohli) Germany

The Singularity, Phase I is a fascinating offering and one that is going to keep listeners excited and coming back for more. Which makes it all the more encouraging to hear that this duo have hours of music in the bank. Stripped down but potent, this is an album that will drone its way into your heart. It continually finds new ways to be oddly reassuring even in the face of strife. What more could you want from these masters of the craft?” – Two Guys Metal Reviews (Matt Bacon)

“We zijn benieuwd naar wat Away en Thisquietarmy nog meer uit hun mouw zullen schudden.  ‘The singularity, Phase I’ is alvast een intens meesterwerk dat ons door elkaar schudt en verweesd doet achterblijven; uiteenlopende emoties borrelen op. Een aanrader voor drone liefhebbers…” 9/10 – musiczine (Erik Vandamme)

“ Lorsqu’une illustre figure du drone et qu’une légende du métal québécois se rencontrent, difficile d’obtenir un autre résultat que le chef-d’oeuvre qui nous attend sur The Singularity, Phase I… ” Mes enceintes font défaut (Louis Paulhus)

“Imagine a highway, stripped of all life and containing their minute particles, each one full of information and colour, sound and breath. Imagine the highway reaching to the sky, its steps as notes and stretches of sound as the straights… This expansive, cinematic work is a beautiful reminder that the unexpected often brings about the most sublime of experiences and that the experimental is welcome in the world of drone. ” 8/10 – Scene Point Blank (Cheryl)

Thisquietarmy x Away — The Singularity, Phase I . VINYL PREORDER

Thisquietarmy X Away – The singularity, Phase I


-500 copies on neon blue
-Heavyweight 24pt flip side jacket
-Printed inner sleeve with spot matte varnish
-Away glow-in-the-dark silkscreen art print
-TQA gloomy postcard

Prévente 4 novembre
Sortie 4 décembre

P572 présente le premier album Sci-fi-drone-metal en duo pour Thisquietarmy (Eric Quach) et Michel « Away » Langevin de Voïvod. Les deux explorateurs ont secrètement enregistré des heures de musique ensemble et on vous présente la première phase : 500 exemplaires vinyles pressés en bleu néon. La pochette est sur carton épais 24pts, avec un vernis sélectif mystérieux et un sleeve intérieur imprimé. Le tout inclut une sérigraphie «glow-in-the-dark» de Away et une carte postale.

Nous collectionnons depuis des années les disques et les livres de ces deux artistes exceptionnels. C’est donc avec honneur que nous trouvons enfin le bon moment et le bon projet pour collaborer ensemble. De la musique interstellaire pour une année terrestre étrange. Du métal puissant, lentement construit sur des paysages de drones-soniques invoquant des images du futur. La seule sortie de l’automne pour P572 est un rappel que peu importe ce qui nous arrive, il y a toujours de la musique importante à écouter.

The first collaborative sci-fi drone metal album from Thisquietarmy (Eric Quach) and Michel « Away » Langevin of Voïvod. The two world travellers secretly recorded hours of music together, and this is only phase one. 500 copies pressed on neon blue vinyl. Heavyweight 24pt flip side jacket with printed inner sleeve and mysterious spot matte varnish. Comes with an Away glow-in-the-dark silkscreen art print and a postcard

We’ve been fans of these two musicians/artists/road warriors for years, collecting their records and following their respective crusades. So, it’s with honour and delight that we’ve finally found the right time and project to collaborate on. Out of this world music for a truly strange year. Powerful slow-build metal over blissful sonic-drone-dreamscapes, summoning images of the future. The only official release of the year for P572, it’s a reminder that no matter how bizarre things get, there’s always important music to hear. You can listen to your vinyl in the dark and see the artwork glow by your side.