Oromocto Diamond - Pentagon Black Compilation

The new OROMOCTO DIAMOND single is part of PENTAGON BLACK COMPILATION NO.1. A 23-song “paper compilation” digital download coupled with a large format 20×30″ newsprint poster. Released by Pentagon Black of Montreal as a 23-song “paper compilation” digital download coupled with a large format 20×30″ newsprint poster. Digital tracks can be downloaded via code found on the inverse of the poster itself. Art by Famines singer/guitarist Raymond Biesinger.

1. “Born 2 B Abused,” Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs (Toronto, samcoffeyandtheironlungs.bandcamp.com)
2. “Melted Like A Witch,” Beef Boys (Peterborough, facebook.com/bbponks)
3. “Morgantown,” Beat Cops (Montreal, beatcops.bandcamp.com)
4. “Orbit,” The Yips (Ottawa, yips613.bandcamp.com)
5. “Hot Glue,” Kappa Chow (Toronto, kappachow.bandcamp.com)
6. “Fried Blood,” Esther Grey (Guelph, esthergrey.bandcamp.com)
7. “Doctor Guitar,” I Smell Blood (London, ismellblood.bandcamp.com)
8. “Window,” Lonely Parade (Peterborough, thelonelyparade.com)
9. “Reasons,” Century Palm (Toronto, centurypalm.com)
10. “Gethen,” Heathers (Montreal, heathers1988.bandcamp.com)
pentagon black b
11. “O to F,” Oromocto Diamond (Quebec, oromoctodiamond.bandcamp.com)
12. “Genocide,” Whoop-Szo (London, thenoisymountain.bandcamp.com)

13. “In Through Beyond,” Usse (Saint John, usse.bandcamp.com)
14. “Monogamy,” Child Actress (Calgary, childactress.bandcamp.com)
15. “Pants And A Face,” Bonnie Doon (Ottawa, bonniedoon.bandcamp.com)
16. “Don’t Read The News,” TV Freaks (Hamilton, teeveefreakzz.bandcamp.com)
17. “Zero Hour,” Teledrome (Calgary, facebook.com/teledrometeledrome)
18. “Crosswalk Talk,” Phern (Montreal, phern.bandcamp.com)
19. “The State Of Music,” the Famines (Montreal, thefamines.ca)
20. “Nature Man,” Strange Attractor (Sudbury, strangeattractor.bandcamp.com)
21. “Sleep Toss Duvet,” LAPS (Fredericton, lapsband.tumblr.com)
22. “The Bad Thing,” Couleur Dessin (Montreal, couleurdessin.bandcamp.com)
23. “Corrected Canada Food Guide,” Haunted Souls (Saskatoon, hauntedsouls.bandcamp.com)

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BRBR: www.brbrtfo.com/actualite/pentagon-black-offensive-canadienne

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